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I wonder if Oklahoma Representative Danny Williams of District 28 knows about the hour of fear he placed Wednesday evening into the hearts of every queer person in the state of Oklahoma who heard about his plan to force them into the closet and lock the doors and throw away the key.

House Bill 1888 would ban completely gender and sexual diversity trainings for institutions and organizations that receive public funding. This includes my university, the University of Oklahoma, where the Gender and Equality Center provides so many essential services to students like the sexual assault prevention training (Step In…

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I recently started getting familiar with environmentalism and zero waste and doing more to help slow the oncoming storm of climate change. I’ve seen the facts, and the facts scare me. I’m so afraid of what will inevitably happen to my children and their children and the children after them. My generation is the last stop on this slow, tumultuous ride towards the self-destruction that we have been accelerating since the Industrial Revolution.

There has been grief. There have been tears. I’ve watched documentaries showing how quickly severe weather has worsened in the past decades. I’ve read articles about how…

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Walking into the church, I’m greeted by the familiar presence I’ve known since I was little. After crossing myself with holy water, I kneel in the aisle next to the pew, just like I’ve always done. I have memories- really happy memories- of my first Communion, and my sister’s baptism, and even when I was really young, when the kids were all invited to sit down in front of the altar so our priest could read the Christmas story.

Those were happy days; I remember them fondly.

When I think about my childhood in the Catholic Church, I think about…

Emily Tucker

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